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Emergency Preparation (Action)

posted Mar 27, 2013, 5:53 AM by Tsubasa Kato

Preparing for an Earthquake: What You Can Do to Stay Safe

--- Emergency Preparation (Action) ---
::::: Check safety in your house :::::
Check and practice the following four key points to immediately secure your home
Securing a safe space

Place the least amount of furniture possible in bedrooms used by children and the elderly.

Keep hallways, doorways, stairs, etc. clear of clutter.

To prevent fire disaster in the event of an earthquake, do not place furniture near sources of heat or flame.

Do not place glassware and breakables on top of furniture.
Using furniture properly

Do not place tall furniture on carpets or tatami mats.

Store heavy items lower to the ground to keep them from falling.

Slightly lean furniture back rather than forward.


Securing with anti-toppling devices

Secure furniture to walls using L-brackets.

If you cannot fasten directly to a wall or floor, use two or more devices on the upper and lower areas. (bar, stopper, or mat type)

Attach the furniture upper and lower areas with clamps. (connecting clamps)

When you cannot secure them to a wall, minimize space between the ceiling and furniture. (height-adjustable storage units at tallest setting)
Preventing stored items from scattering

Place an appropriate stopper on furniture with hinged doors.

Put a shatter-resistant film on glass doors. (shatter-resistant devices for glass)

Install racks to prevent stored items from slipping. (racks to prevent slipping)
::::: Family discussion on disaster measures :::::
In preparation for earthquakes, fires, and floods, discuss the following points with your family.
Where is the safety place in your house?

Learn first-aid knowledge

Check fire extinguishers, etc.

Check equipment using heat or open flame

Confirm temporary refuges and evacuation routes

Role-sharing with your family

Means to contact/places to meet with your family

Check an emergency pack and its storage area
::::: Rescue and first-aid :::::
Cooperate with your neighbors to rescue people in collapsed buildings and under fallen debris.
Work together to give first-aid to people with minor injuries.
::::: Ten rules of thumb when you have difficulties returning home :::::
Remain calm and check the situation

Carry about a pocket radio

Make a map to your home

Keep a pair of walking shoes in your locker

Keep simple food stock such as chocolates and caramels in your desk

Confirm the means of contact and meeting point with your family in advance

Know how to confirm your relative's safety in advance

Practice walking home

Prepare portable heating or cooling equipment for the given season

Speak to others in trouble and help each other
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