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Hallo Kitty Donuts!

posted Apr 5, 2013, 1:28 AM by Tsubasa Kato   [ updated Apr 5, 2013, 1:47 AM ]
Hallo Kitty Donuts!

http://www.misterdonut.jp/m_menu/new/130401_001/index.html#ribon (JP)


Mister Donut (Misdo) announced the new donut “Hallo Kitty Donuts”! They are now available at all of Mister Donut shops from April 1.


Location: All Mister Donut Shops (Tokyo)

Mister Donut
Great Bonus 1: Get the hallo kitty accessory of a smart phone if you order donuts over 600 yen (including drink and dim sum).
*The campaign will be over once all accessories sell out.
Great Bonus 2: The winners selected in a drawing will receive wonderful prizes.

Prize A: 1 day-pass of Universal Studio Japan (Expires 03/2014) for 3,000 winners (1,500 pairs)

Prize B: Mister Donut Coupon (1,000 yen) for 600 winners
Applications: March 6 (Tue) to May 31 (Fri)
How to apply: After you become a misdo club member, you can apply it!
Events: “Let’s find a Hallo Kitty’s Ribbon”!
When: April 1 (Mon) to April 30 (Tue)

How to play: Go to a Mister Donut shop, access the link after finding the Ribbon at shop, and enjoy giving a variety of ribbons to Hallo Kitty via your smart phone or cell phone. And also get original wallpapers changed their design every week.

*Only access from smart phones or cell phones.
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