The Grand Central Oyster bar and restaurant in Shinagawa

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(there is another one in Marunouchi)

Here is a historical seafood restaurant in New York, and is the second Oyster bar in the world.

The Grand Central Oyster bar is located in lower level of Grand Central Terminal since 1913 in New York City which means they have 100 year’s history!!

We can always enjoy over 10 kinds of fresh oysters and American style of delicious foods.

Atmosphere of the restaurant is always lively, so we recommend you to try going there in big group and share a lot of fresh seafoods.

Restairant: Shinagawa
Price Average: lunch 1,000 - 2,000 yen, Dinner 6 000 - 8,000 yen
Phone: 03-6212-6650
Address: 4st Floor, Atre Shinagawa, 2-18-1, Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Access: 3-minute walk from JR central Exit, Shinagawa station
Opening Hours: 11:00am - 0:00am (L.O. 11:30pm)
English Menu: Yes
Reservation: Yes
Cuisine: Seafood, American
Card: VISA, AMEX, Diners and JCB
Dress Code: Casual
Additional Details:
Divided into smoking area at terrace and non-smorking area, Private rooms.
The Grand Central oyster bar and restaurant

a nu

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Their basic menu consists of 3 courses as the chef is always trying to pursue a totally prefect balance of tastes. He continuously finds new ways to be creative with many exotic and more ingredients. It is not your usual traditional French. We can enjoy unique blends of traditional French flavors with other exciting and exotic flavors combined in a unique modern way. Dishes are created with seasonal ingredients such as Japanese vegetables and seafood.
We recommend you to try fresh seasonal fruits in champagne as delicious and unique aperitif.
: a nu 
Price Average: lunch 6,000 - 8,000 yen, Dinner 20,000 - 30,000 yen
Phone: 03-5422-8851
Address: 1st Floor, Hiroo Building SR, 5-19-4, Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Access: 5-minute walk from 2 Exit, Hiroo Staion (Tokyo metro Hibiya-line)
Opening Hours: 11:30am - 4:00pm (L.O. 1:30pm)
                            6:00pm - 0:00am (L.O. 9:00pm)
Closed: On Tuesdays
English Menu: Yes
: Required
Cuisine: French
Card: VISA, AMEX, Diners, MASTER and JCB
Dress Code: Jacket preferred
Additional Details: Non-Smorking, Private rooms, sommelier
a nu

Horiguchi Coffee

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Horiguchi Coffee roasts are at once "fresh and clean, floral and fruity, sweet and bitter" with each distinctive trait perfectly tempered to complement each other and produce a profoundly fulfilling and sublimely smooth coffee-drinking experience.


Shop Name: Horiguchi Coffee (Setagaya)

3 Locations: Setagaya, Komae, Uehara (and Seminar House)

Concept: Three inviolable conditions when roasting coffee

          1. Use only high end specialty grade green coffee

          2. Use advanced roasting techniques

          3. Sell only beans that have been roasted within the past 48 hours



Phone: 03-5477-4142

E-mail: info@kohikobo.co.jp

Address: 1-12-15, Funabashi, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

Open: 9:00am - 8:00pm

Closed: 7 days a week

            (except the year-end and New Year holidays)

Access: 1-minute walk from Chitosefunabashi station

             (Odakyu Line)

English Menu: No



Horiguchi Coffee

http://www.kohikobo.co.jp/lang/english.html (EN)

http://www.kohikobo.co.jp/ (JP)







Kepo Bagels

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Enjoy 2 types of Chewy Bagels!
Series 1. Japanese “Wa” Bagel
is used domestic wheat and wild yeast. Kepo Bagels creates 3 types of texture with changed the amount of yeast. All Japanese bagels are crispy outside but chewy texture inside, and mixed by unique ingredients. A Good combination between fragrant dough and Japanese traditional ingredients (such as soy milk, beans, blown suger, Yomogi, Kinako and Nozawana etc).

Baking time: 1. Open - 9:30am, 2. 1pm - 3:30pm

Our Recommendation: Plane, Nozawana and Roasted Apple
Series 2. New York Bagel
An authentic New York Bagel is used wheat and yeast from North America, reproduced by using the same process, topping, size (volume) and appearance as the New York ones! All New York Bagels are available at the same price 160 yen.

Baking time: Open - 3:30pm

Our Recommendation: Everything, Sinnamon and Garlic

Shop: Kepo Bagels -bagels baked just for you!-
Concept: “
Crispy outside and Fluffy inside”

Price: Reasonable to Middle

Phone: 03-6424-4859

Address: 3-17-8, Kamikitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

Open: 9:00am-6:00pm (Lunch L.O. 14:00)

          Closed on Tuesdays, Wednesdays (except holiday)

Access: 3-minute walk from South Exit, Kamikitazawa station (Keio Line)

             7-minute walk from South Exit, Sakurajyosui station (Keio Line)

English Menu: No

Reservation: Yes

Call at 03-6424-4859 by the day before of your visit or Email at shop@kepobagels.com
by 6pm 3 business days prior to your visit with your name, phone number, visiting date/time,
and name/number of bagels.
Kepo Bagels

Hallo Kitty Donuts!

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Hallo Kitty Donuts!

http://www.misterdonut.jp/m_menu/new/130401_001/index.html#ribon (JP)


Mister Donut (Misdo) announced the new donut “Hallo Kitty Donuts”! They are now available at all of Mister Donut shops from April 1.


Location: All Mister Donut Shops (Tokyo)

Mister Donut
Great Bonus 1: Get the hallo kitty accessory of a smart phone if you order donuts over 600 yen (including drink and dim sum).
*The campaign will be over once all accessories sell out.
Great Bonus 2: The winners selected in a drawing will receive wonderful prizes.

Prize A: 1 day-pass of Universal Studio Japan (Expires 03/2014) for 3,000 winners (1,500 pairs)

Prize B: Mister Donut Coupon (1,000 yen) for 600 winners
Applications: March 6 (Tue) to May 31 (Fri)
How to apply: After you become a misdo club member, you can apply it!
Events: “Let’s find a Hallo Kitty’s Ribbon”!
When: April 1 (Mon) to April 30 (Tue)

How to play: Go to a Mister Donut shop, access the link after finding the Ribbon at shop, and enjoy giving a variety of ribbons to Hallo Kitty via your smart phone or cell phone. And also get original wallpapers changed their design every week.

*Only access from smart phones or cell phones.
(C) 1976, 2013 SANRIO CO.,LTD. Approval No. G532368 (C) & (R) Universal Studios. All rights reserved. CR 13-0496-A
(C) Mister Donut.


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Garrett Popcorn Shops which was opened Japan's first shop in Harajuku on Feb 1! Come and taste the best popcorn in the world from Chicago.
The most popular flavor is “The Chicago Mix”: a blend of their famous CaramelCrisp® and CheeseCorn recipes. Their year round menu at Harajyuku Shop includes The Chicago Mix, Plain, CaramelCrisp®, Mild Salt, CheeseCorn, Almond CaramelCrisp®, and Cashew CaramelCrisp®.
Where: Garrett Popcorn Shops (Harajuku)

Address: 1-13-18, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Access: 1 minute walk from Harajyuku Station (JR Line)

             30 seconds walk from Exit 3, Meijijingumae Station
             (Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line, Fukutoshin Line)
Opening Hours: 10am-9pm
Garrett Popcorn Shops

Lemongrass closed down on March 2013

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---Thai food restaurant---
Lemon grass is decorated in a traditional motif, displaying Thai artworks throughout the interior.
You will be relaxed in an atmosphere of Thai home.
Chef comes from Thailand and use genuine spices, but not too spicy and highly addictive.
I recommend you to try Khao-soi which is a mild taste of carry-noodle.
Located in convenience place for shopping in Ginza.

Dining Style:  Casual Dining
Phone: 03-3289-7154
Address:  5th Floor, Ginza MS building, 5-1-8, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Access: 3 minute walk from Exit C2, Ginza station, Tokyo metro Marunouchi line
Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri  11:30am~3:00pm (lunch L.o. 2:30pm)
                                              5:30pm~10:15pm (dinner L.o. 9:30pm)
                                Sat and National holiday 11:30am~9:30pm (L.o. 9:00pm)
Average price: lunch ¥1,000-2,000, dinner ¥4,000-5,000
Payment Options: AMEX, Visa, Master Card, UC, DC, Diners, JCB, NICOS
English Menu: No
Cuisine: Thai
Dress Code: Casual
Additional Details: 

Hinamatsuri Lunch at Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo

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Hinamatsuri Lunch/Sweets at Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo
March 3rd is Doll Festival Day or Girls' Day,
the traditional Japanese festival held to wish girls both health and growth!
Address: 2-2-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo
Access: 5-minute walk from the west exit, Shinjyuku Station (JR Line, Tokyo Metro Line)
When: Feb 1- March 31, 2013
A Hands-on activity and Special Lunch
- Fun painting “Inubako*” Class and Kaiseki Lunch -
*Inubako is the container for small articles that are the dolls of dog's couple made of paper
to pray for having easy delivery and children's health.
Thursday Feb 28, 2013

Time: Reception 10:45am

          Hands-on Activity 11:15am
          Lunch 1:30pm
Where: Kaiseki Soujyuan, 2F
Fee: 12,000 Yen/per person (Lunch included)
Capacity: 40 people
RSVP: Please call at 03-3344-0111
A Hands-on activity and Special Lunch
- Fun painting “Maki-e*”Class and French Italian Lunch -
*gold or silver lacquer
Date: Wednesday March 13, 2013
Time: Reception 11:00am
          Hands-on Activity 11:30am
          Lunch 1:30pm
Where: Duo Fourchette (Private Room), 44F
Fee: 12,000 Yen/per person (Lunch included)
Capacity: 30 people
RSVP: Please call at 03-3344-0111
Hinamatsuri Lunch
Kaisaki Soujyuan (2nd Floor)
Price: “Momono Sekku” 9,000 Yen (Tax and service charge included)
Where: Duo Fourchette (2nd Floor)
Price: “Hinamatsuri Lunch” 3,500 Yen (Tax and service charge included)
Price: “Hana Tayori” 3,500 Yen (Tax and service charge included)
Where: Coffee House “Jurin” (2nd Floor)
Price: “Hinamatsuri Plate” 2,800 Yen (Tax and service charge included)
Where: Tempra “Shun” (7th Floor)
Price: “Momono Utage” 3,500 Yen (Tax and service charge included)
Where: Art Lounge “Duet” (3rd Floor)
Price: “Hinamatsuri Dessert Set (Coffee or Tea included)” 1,800 Yen
           (Tax and service charge included)
Time: 9am-5pm
Hinamatsuri Exhibition

Hinamatsuri Exhibition (Free) at Main Lobby, 3rd Floor,

and Restaurant Floor (2F, 7F)

Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo
Hinamatsuri Lunch
What's Hinamatsuri?

SHIGYOKURAN ---China baru---

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--- China baru -----


If you’d like to enjoy Chinese food with small number of people in modern Chinese atmosphere, here is a good restaurant.


Shared small plates, creative cocktails, Chinese Sakes and wide selection of wines make this spot one of new type of Chinese baru. The service is polite and comfortable.

Dining Style:
Fine Dining
Price: Lunch 1,000-1,900Yen, Dinner 5,000-6,000Yen

Phone: 03-5575-7878

Address: 3-4-3, Higashi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Access: 3 minute from Exit 6, Azabu-Jyuban station
            (Tokyo metro Nanboku line & Toei O-edo line)
Open: AM 11:30-14:30 (Lunch L.O. 14:00)
             PM 17:30-23:45 (Dinner L.O. 23:00) 

  Close Sunday

Payment Options: AMEX, Visa, Master Card, Diners, JCB

English Menu: Yes

Cuisine: Chinese

Dress Code: Casual

Additional Details: divided into smoking and non-smoking areas,
                              Private room for 4 people and 10-20 people.
All images@ Shigyokuen

Bakuro-Ichidai ---Japanese Hida-beef Restaurant---

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--- Japanese Hida-beef Restaurant ----


Lunch menu


Shop website

Bakuro-Ichidai has been serving the authentic Hida-beef in Ginza.
Hida Beef has been recognized as one of the leading wagyu brands in Japan.

Here is good for lunch with friends and family, you can eat Sukiyaki, Shabu-shabu and Japanese style-Yakiniku from 1,800 Yen. Gorgeous Japanese armosphere and spending your time in no rush. Perfect place having business dinner at dinner time.

Average price of dinner around 9,000 Yen.

Better make a reservation.
Dining Style:
Fine Dining
Cuisine: Japanese
Phone: 03-3535-4129
Address: 11th Floor, Ginza trecious building,
               2-6-5, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
1 minute from Ginza 1-chome station,
             Tokyo Metro Yurakucho line,
             the building is in front of exit 8
           (Lunch L.O. 2:30pm, Dinner L.O. 10:00pm)
           Open Everyday
English Menu: Yes

Dress Code: Casual

Additional Details: Smorking is allowed
Payment Options: AMEX, Visa, Master Card, UC, DC, Diners, JCB, NICOS
All images@ Bakuro-Ichidai

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