Private TOKYO Tour Guides

Private TOKYO Tour Guides
~ Exploring Tokyo with Harumi’s Private Tour ~

We offer the best private TOKYO Tour guides. Whether you represent a school, a business, or a large family, our private tours are perfect for any group visit.  We can customize each tour based on your preferences. 

Your personal National Certified Tour Guide, Harumi Murakami, can go anywhere in Tokyo and beyond. We can even pick you up from your hotel or other accommodation.  Our prices are for groups, not per person.
Private tours can be scheduled for anytime.

◆ Tour Guide Profile | Harumi Murakami (Anne)

She has been a National Certified Tour Guide by Japanese Gorvenment since 2008, originally started her carrier as a tour guide for Japanese tourists but guided 200+ people from various countries.

She has extensive experience with every aspect of a group trip, lunch spots, souvenirs shops, must-see spots as well as organizing memorable walking tours, so she can be your perfect guide and introduce you of places not only tourist attractions but places that foreign visitors do not choose.

Learn more about historical backgrounds and enjoy your special experiences in Tokyo!!!

 Guests from...

 Australia (Family)

 Italy (Photographer)

 England (Reporter)

 Turkey (Professors)

 India (IT company)

 South Africa (Company trainees)

 Hawai, USA (Senior couple)

 USA (Lawyer, Consultant, Nurse, Pharmacist, Airline company and University Students so on)

 Others; Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, Germany, Uzbekistan and more

◆ Guide Places

 Tokyo: Imperial Palace, Meiji Jingu, Harajuku, Asakusa, Tsukiji Fish Market, Ginza,
 Omotesando, Hamarikyu Garden, Kagurazaka, Tsukishima, Yanaka, Todoroki and more.

 The following places are also recommended;
 - Shinjuku (business, commercial and entertainment district)
 - Ueno Park (museums, temples, shrines and zoo)
 - Yanaka (traditional shopping and residential area)
 - Shibuya (stylish youth fashion and culture)
 - Tokyo Tower
 - Roppongi Hills (art museum & open-air observation deck)
 - Tokyo Skytree Town
 - Akihabara (electric and subculture town)
 - Odaiba (view of Tokyo Bay, shopping & entertainement district)

◆ Tours

 A : A HALF Day Private Tour (4h)

 Example : Meet at your hotel (9:00a.m.)  ~ Shibuya Meiji Jingu Shinto Shrine  ~  
   Harajuku ("kawaii" fashion)  ~ 12:00 (lunch) Omotesando hotel (1:00p.m.)

  - 12,000 yen / for up to 3
  - 15,000 yen / for up to 6
  - 18,000 yen / for up to 8

 B : A FULL Day Private Tour (8h)

 Example : Meet at your hotel (9:00a.m.)  ~ the Imperial Palace ~ 12:00lunch
   Tsukiji Hamariku Garden ~ (boat) ~ Asakusa (Sensoji temple) ~ hotel (5:00p.m.)

  - 18,000 yen / for up to 3
  - 20,000 yen / for up to 6
  - 22,000 yen / for up to 8

  What's Included
  tax, private tour guide and guide's transportation fee

  What EXTRA
  Transportation fee and admission fee for you and a guide, lunch and personal expense (e.g. souvenirs, drinks) etc

  Cancel Policy
       10 days before : 0%

    9 - 5 days before : 50%

    3 - the day before : 80%

    On the day: 100%

  *The cancellation above charges will apply.
  *Cancellation fee will be computed based on the guide's original cost.
  *Any cancellation by you must be initiated by email.

   Reservation will be accepted until 14 days before the first day of tour guide.
   Please fill out the form below indicating your information and interests (whether on the list or not)
   and we will get back to you very soon with suggestion.
   Tours are led by professional tour guides and deep subject experts.


◆ Tour Reviews

She is a wonderful and capable person with a deep knowledge of Japan´s history! 
    She was very flexible and has been able to adapt the sightseeing-plan according to our wishes!!!
   - 2 couples (4 adults), 50s and 60s, Germany (May 2019)  ★

    We, 2 couples from Germany visited Tokyo for 3 days in May 2019. 
    For exploring the city and the highlights including a deeper understanding of the history of Japan, 
    we hired Murakami-san as our guide. She is a wonderful and capable person with a deep knowledge of Japan´s history. 
    Murakami-san was very flexible and has been able to adapt the sightseeing-plan according to our wishes. 
    Especially the “Emperor´s Palace” and the surrounding garden´s has been a highlight. 
    Murakami-san knows lot´s of bit´s and pieces about this place and the emperor family. 
    Her Restaurant proposals did fully meet our expectation, fancy places but not too expensive. 
    All in all, Murakami-san was an excellent choice and if we once go back to Tokyo, we would for sure hire her again. 
    She is a great person and we have been so sad when we said Good-bye, waving out of the Shinkansen on our way to Kyoto. 
    We wish Murakami-san and her family all the best!
    (Ryogoku, Katsushika Hokusai Museum, Asakusa, Tsukiji, Imperial Palace, Odaiba and Ginza)

    Professional and organized, great itinerary and great guide 
    -it was a full, satisfying day, seeing a lot, learning a lot, and experiencing a lot, all without feeling rushed or too tired!!!
   - Family (2 adults and 2 children), 10s and 40s, CA, USA (May 2019)  ★

    We took the private Tokyo tour (all-day) our first day in Tokyo.  
 Harumi-san was our guide - we all thought the whole experience with her was EXCELLENT. 
    Not only is Harumi-san very knowledgeable and efficient, her style (soft-spoken, comfortable to be around) worked well with our family
    -- when our younger one got tired of looking at cute pens/ pencils at the crowded shop, Harumi found a quiet spot to do origami with her. 
    Overall, we have truly wonderful memories of our day together in Tokyo, and highly recommend this tour with Harumi-san as guide.
    (Imperial Palace, Meiji Shrine, Harajuku and Shibuya)

   "Thank you Harumi for a wonderful day!"
   - Family (2 adults and 2 children), 10s and 40s, USA (April 2018) 

    Harumi is a wonderful guide! She helped us learn the train system,
    navigated us efficiently through various sites and was great with our young boys.  
    She even taught them origami during lunch and it was a sweet moment.  
    Thank you Harumi for a wonderful day!
    (Imperial Palace: Chidorigafuchi, Yasukuni Shrine, Kitanomaru park and Akihabara)

    "Your tour was great and your knowledge was wonderful!"
   - Family (3 adults), 20s and 50s, Canada (June 2017)

    It was pleasure meeting you yesterday! Your tour was great and your knowledge was wonderful.
    You made us feel very welcomed and comfortable in Japan.
    You have set a very high standard for our other volunteer guides in Kyoto and Osaka.
    I will definitely recommend your service to anyone of my friends who is visiting Tokyo!
    Much thanks again!
    (Imperial Palace, Yasukuni Shrine, Tsukiji Market and Asakusa)

   "We had an amazing time in Tokyo thanks to you!
   - Family (3 adults and 8 month old girl), 30s and 60s, Canton, Ohio, USA (April 2016)

    Thank you for two fantastic days in Tokyo. Your knowledge and expertise made exploring the city
    much more manageable and enjoyable with our eight month old.
    We truly appreciated how accommodating and patient you were with us.
    Our little girl had a very pleasant experience because you quickly found places for us to change
    or nurse her and even recommended child friendly restaurants.
    You were genuine and kind and felt like a close friend by the end of our time together.
    Thank you again for helping us make wonderful memories in Japan!
    (1st day: Tsukiji Market, Ueno and Asakusa)
    (2nd day: Meiji Shrine, Imperial Palace and Ginza)

   "Thank you for the wonderful day in Tokyo! You are the best Guide!"
   - Couple, 50+, Tashkent Uzbekistan (January 2016)

 We took great pleasure from the unforgettable sightseeing of Tokyo together with you,
   Madame Harumi. Your deeply knowledge of history and culture of Japan, and also knowledge
   of especially interesting places in Tokyo helped us to know better the city and traditions of its people.
   We are also grateful for the organization of a lunch at such remarkable Japanese restaurant,
   all dishes were very tasty.
   Thank you for the wonderful day in Tokyo! You are the best Guide!

   We hope to return to Japan together with our children, grandchildren and friends in near future
   and we will be glad to sightseeing Tokyo, Kyoto and Nara together with you.
   Also we will be more than happy if you visit to Uzbekistan one more.
   We wish you good luck and hope to see you soon in Tokyo or Tashkent!"
   (Imperial Palace, the Bank of Japan, Tokyo Stock Exchange and Asakusa)

   "Thank you for a fantastic day in Tokyo!"
   "You were very responsive and accommodating to our changing schedule"
   - Brother's family (2 adults and 2 children), 40s, Chicago and Boston, USA (December 2015)
   We don’t think we would have appreciated Tokyo as much without your insight and guidance.
   You helped us pick all the right places and allowed us to get a sense of the culture
   and history of Japan.  And with three adults and two children in our group,
   I’m impressed that you kept our attention throughout the entire day. 
   Our time with you was definitely a highlight of this trip and we will certainly recommend you
   to our friends. Thank you again! (Yanaka, Asakusa and Tsukiji Market)

   "Thank you for being such a willing and able guide"
   "We loved Tokyo!!"
   - Mother, 60s and daughter, 30s, Hawaii USA (June 2015)

   Thank you so much for the lovely day you spent with us.
   We enjoyed all the shopping from Bic Camera, to Muji, The Loft, Itoya,
   and especially Harajuku. Thank you for being such a willing and able guide.
   We loved Tokyo!

   "Thank you very much for a wonderful time today"
   - Couple, 60+, Hawaii USA (May 2015)

   Thank you very much for a wonderful time today. 
   We enjoyed our chirashi lunch and tour of the Ginza district
   It was also our first time at the famous Tokyo Station.
   We hope we can share our beautiful island with you. 
   Do not hesitate to email us when you come to Hawaii and arrangements can be
   made to spend time together.

   "It was a pleasure to see some sights of Tokyo with you"
   - Couple, 60s, India (March 2015)

   We very much enjoyed the short time spent with you.
   You took great care of us.
   It was a pleasure to see some sights of Tokyo with you.
   Arigato Gozaimasu

   "Thank you also for sending my family to the hotel on time"
   - Family, 30~40s, Costa Rica (July 2012)

 Thank you very much for your time and for showing us Tokyo
 Thank you also for sending my family to the hotel on time.  ;)
 If you ever go to Singapore, Costa Rica, or US/Ohio let me know. 
 I will be more than happy to show you around.

   "We look forward to our lasting friendship between our families"
   - Family, 40s, Indonesia (June 2012)

 It was indeed a pleasure meeting you today.
   We want to thank you so much for being able to find us,
 and show us the beautiful 100yrs old garden and the sacred Meiji Shrine.
 We were delighted to finally find you and your courteous way to take us around.
 Of course my son was trying very hard to keep up with the walking. So was my husband.
 They came home and had a light dinner and went off to sleep! You must have been tired too.
 Hope you will be able to visit Indonesia soon you reached home in time to get some good rest.
   We look forward to our lasting friendship between our families.

   "Thank you very much for your help in seeing Tokyo"
   - Couple, 30s, Italy (March 2012)

 Thank you very much for your help in seeing Tokyo.
Ms Harumi did a great job in organizing our sight seeing day.
    Even in such bad rainy day she went with us and did a great tour around Tokyo.
    We really appreciate it.

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