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NeedsArch 9: Free Craftwork Experiences (Edo Kiriko, Katazome, and Kumihimo) by TOKYO Teshigoto

posted Sep 7, 2016, 10:44 PM by INFO ICT   [ updated Sep 8, 2016, 7:02 PM ]
Craftwork Experiences
- Edo Kiriko, Katazome, and Kumihimo -
by TOKYO Teshigoto



22 TOKYO Teshigoto shops are open for limited 3 months (Sep 1- Nov 30, 2016) 

  Purpose of the interview: For product (souvenir) development and marketing
  TOKYO Teshigoto and LIVES Inc. will sell and market research Japanese souvenirs to foreign tourists and residents  
  so they have a group interview to get some information about souvenir, shopping, tour plan in Japan and so on.

  Type of Studies: Group Interview
  • Group Interview is held in English (Japanese)
  • Interview about Japanese souvenir, shopping, tour plan in Japan and so on

    ① 3:00~around 5:00PM, Saturday, October 8th - Edo Kiriko (Cut glass) Experience "江戸切子" and Group Interview
    ② 1:00~around 3:30PM, Saturday, October 15th - Katazome (Hand-prints) Experience "型染め" and Group Interview
    ③ 1:30~around 4:00PM, Saturday, November 12th - Kumihimo (Braid)  Experience "組紐" and Group Interview

  Application: HERE
    *Please pick up the date from ①~③ above and complete RSVP by the deadline below (*priority given to those who completed their Reservation)

    ① Edo Kiriko RSVP accepted by September 30, 2016
    ② Katazome RSVP accepted by October 7, 2016
    ③ Kumihimo RSVP accepted by November 4, 2016

① Edo Kiriko (Cut glass) Experience "江戸切子" (special gift: plate)

 ② Katazome (Hand-prints) Experience "型染め" (special gift: bag)


 ③ Kumihimo (Braid) Experience "組紐" (special gift: accessory)


  Meeting Place:
in font of the w-02 booth "TOKYO Teshigoto", HANDS EXPO (7F at TOKYU PLAZA GINZA)

  Address: 5-2-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo (東京都中央区銀座5-2-1)|MAP
  TEL: 03-3571-0109 (Information desk 11:00〜21:00)

  Schedule (①~③ craftwork experiences)
  - the first 1 hour: Craftwork experience (Hands-on Activity)
  - break time for 10 minutes
  - the last 1~1.5 hours: Group Interview

  *Schedule to be flexible

  !!! WHAT YOU GET !!!
  FREE hands-on activity (Edo Kiriko, Katazome, and Kumihimo), special souvenirs, and 1 drink at HANDS EXPO CAFE
  *Normal price for craftwork experiences are 2,000~3,000yen/per person
  *Transportation expenses full amount paid

  No. of participants: 18 (6 participants × 3 workshops & group interviews)
    *after 7th person to register will be placed on a waiting list and we will contact you if there are any cancellations

  • Country: Non-Japanese members from 3 people from Europe and North America, 3 people from Asia (esp Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia)
  • Age: 20+ to around 40 
  • Any Non-Japanese member who meet the qualifications above, please Apply Here!
  • 18 participants are selected by ICT, limited only to 6 foreign participants for each workshop

  Useful Links:
  • TOKYO Teshigoto (craft shops)
  • HANDS EXPO (7F at TOKYU PLAZA GINZA: venue for workshop)
  • HANDS EXPO CAFE (7F at TOKYU PLAZA GINZA: venue for group interview)
  • LIVES Inc. (NeedsArch Client)

  • Tokyo's traditional crafts, honed and refined by craftsmanship and
    vitality of the Edo craftsmen with their rich enterprising spirits,
    have been handed down unbroken and cherished by its people over the generations.

    "TOKYO Teshigoto" is
    an initiative that conveys to Japan and the world the exquisiteness of
    the sophisticated handworks or "teshigoto" of the masters known as the "Takumi", by shedding light on their traditional skills.
    In addition to spreading the Edo aesthetics of "iki" and "inase", and appealing the outstanding everyday functionalities of their crafts,
    the Takumi are challenging new types of crafts brimming with Tokyo sensations so more people can enrich their lifestyles with traditional crafts.




  If you have any questions or need more information regarding to the event, please feel free to ask Jojo at
  To register for NeedsArch members, go to:  REGISTER HERE!