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NeedsArch 11: Free Tour! Globally Important Agricultural Heritage "Takachiho 高千穂" in Miyazaki

posted Jan 26, 2017, 6:22 PM by INFO ICT   [ updated Jan 27, 2017, 7:25 PM ]
Free Tour!
Visiting Globally Important Agricultural Heritage "Takachiho 高千穂" in Miyazaki

2017 March 9-10th (Thurs-Fri) | Takachiho, Miyazaki


Have you heard the Globally Important Agricultural Heritage (GIAHS) 世界農業遺産 ever?
This is certified by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United nations.

We’ll have a trial package tour (FREE) for new certified area,
Takachiho town (高千穂) and Shiiba village (椎葉村), Miyazaki Pref, Japan
where is very famous among Japanese because of the beauty Takachiho canyon and Mythical place!

Miyazaki pref. local government has approached developing tourism
and introducing these area as the Globally Important Agricultural Heritage (GIAHS).
This time, we’re expected to invite foreign guests and research the possibilities of tourism
in these area with the various insights from guests’ specialties and backgrounds.

    Trial package tour for Globally Important Agricultural Heritage (GIAHS)
   “Takachihogo-Shiibayama Mountainous Agriculture and Forestry System” in Miyazaki.

 ① Enjoy this trial package tour as usual foreign guest1) Introduction
 ② Giving the insights on site activities and advice about package tour

 9th-10th, March, 2017

 March 9th  Meeting up in the Miyazaki airport or Kumamoto airport
  - Visiting to Shiiba village areas and stay there
 March 10th Dismissing in the  Miyazaki airport or Kumamoto airport
  *detailed literary would be scheduled in February
  *including following areas, Takachiho-town, Itsugase-town, Hinokage-town, Moroduka-village, Shiiba village

    3 foreign nationals from Europe, USA and Australia
    1) who like traveling abroad or domestic
    2) who are interested in seeing Globally Important Agricultural Heritage (GIAHS) place, nature and canyon
    3) who can speak Japanese (Intermediate level)

◆ FEE: FREE (including round trip flight tickets, Tokyo-Miyazaki
    and One night accommodation including taxes and service fees)


   Please visit the link below and complete

◆ Important Notes: 
   Please be considerate towards other participants
   Please be punctual and arrive on time (*we will start the tour on time)