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NeedsArch Report 9: Free Craftwork Experiences (Edo Kiriko, Katazome, and Kumihimo) by TOKYO Teshigoto

posted Oct 16, 2016, 6:46 PM by Tsubasa Kato   [ updated Nov 14, 2016, 5:03 PM ]
The 9th NeedsArch (NA) "Free Craftwork Experiences (Edo Kiriko, Katazome, and Kumihimo) by TOKYO Teshigoto" was held in October and November 2016 in Tokyu Plaza Ginza. 


Purpose of the interview: For Japanese traditional crafts (souvenir) development and marketing

TOKYO Teshigoto and LIVES Inc. will sell and market research Japanese souvenirs to foreign tourists and residents  
so they have a group interview to get some information about souvenir, shopping, tour plan in Japan and so on. 

apanese company (client) :
 LIVES Inc. | TOKYO Teshigoto
NeedsArch Product Testers : 18 (6 participants × 3 workshops & group interviews)

All testers did as follows;
  • Experience craft workshop "Edokiriko", "Katazome" and "Kumihimo" (30~40 mins)
  • Group Interview (60 mins)
All testers rated and reviewed the crafts (and Japanese souvenirs) basically on the following;
  • Ideas and suggestions how we sell Japanese crafts to foreigners
  • Value of the crafts (e.g. design, price, size, and improvement points)

"TOKYO Teshigoto" - is an initiative that conveys to Japan and the world the exquisiteness of the sophisticated handworks or "teshigoto" of the masters known as the "Takumi", by shedding light on their traditional skills. In addition to spreading the Edo aesthetics of "iki" and "inase", and appealing the outstanding everyday functionalities of their crafts, the Takumi are challenging new types of crafts brimming with Tokyo sensations so more people can enrich their lifestyles with traditional crafts.

1. Edo Kiriko "江戸切子" workshop and group interview on October 8th, 2016

6 ICT members joined the Free Craftwork Experience (Edo Kiriko) on Oct 8. One by one, they made a simple pattern using a glass-cut machine on a glass plate, then brought it home as a souvenir!
After the experience, we had talked about Japanese traditional crafts in the group interview.



2. Katazome "型染め" workshop and group interview on October 15th, 2016




3. Kumihimo "組紐" workshop and group interview on November 12h, 2016