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NeedsArch Report 8: Ozu Washi Making, Museum Tour, and Group Interview

posted Sep 26, 2016, 1:26 AM by Tsubasa Kato   [ updated Sep 27, 2016, 9:10 PM ]
The 8th NeedsArch (NA) "Ozu Washi Making, Museum Tour, and Group Interview" was held on Saturday, September 24th 2016 in Nihonabshi. 
It might have been a bit challenging to make a sheet of Washi paper using a traditional bamboo mat, but it was good that everyone succeeded at the end!
The purpose of group interview is For product (souvenir) development.
Cool Japan Souvenir Society (CJSS) will introduce Japanese souvenirs and plan tour guides for foreign tourists visiting Japan so they have a group interview to get some information about souvenir, shopping, tour plan in Japan and so on.

apanese company (client) :
 Cool Japan Souvenir Society (CJSS)
NeedsArch Product Testers : 6 women from USA, England, Indonesia, Korea and Singapore

All testers did as follows;
  • Enjoy making Ozu washi (30 mins)
  • Museum Tour (40 mins)
  • Group Interview (60 mins)
All testers rated and reviewed the tour, Japanese souvenirs and tour plan basically on the following;
  • Ideas for tour plan, shopping, and related to Japanese souvenirs
  • Value of the museun tour, washi products and so on.

* Cool Japan Souvenir Society (CJSS) - to introduce Japanese souvenir to all tripper