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NeedsArch Report 6: Kanazawa Pre-Monitor Tour

posted Jun 2, 2016, 8:32 PM by INFO ICT   [ updated Jun 3, 2016, 2:14 AM ]
The 6th NeedsArch (NA) "Kanazawa Pre-Monitor Tour" was held on Sat-Sun, April 16-17th 2016 at Kanazawa.         

The purpose of pre-monitor our is that CREA voyage
 will plan once-in-a-lifetime experience VIP tours visiting Sake Brewery, best traditional craft companies (e.g. Kutani-yaki, Kaganui), Ryotei and more especially for Westerners, so the company the feedback (e.g. value of sightseeing spots, schedule, Taxi transport, an English-speaking guide, the level of service and attractions) to make a commercial tour better. We elicited informative ideas and valuable comments from travelers to offer a exclusive tour in the near future.   

Japanese company (client) : 
CREA voyage
NeedsArch travelers           : 1 woman from USA and 2 women from Japan

All travelers did as follows;
  • Questionnaires (each sightseeing spots)
  • Group interview (60 mins~/per day)
All travelers rated and reviewed the tour basically on the following;
  • Feedback the tour (e.g. hands-on activity ◎)
  • Ideas for the tour (e.g. suggestion: how to buy souvenirs)
  • Value of the tour (e.g. simultaneous translator timing)
* CREA voyage is a travel agency providing tailor made tours, exclusive for those who seek for the authentic cultural experiences in Kanazawa, Japan.