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NeedsArch Report 2: Face Pack by Isshin-do Honpo

posted Jan 7, 2015, 9:38 PM by INFO ICT   [ updated Nov 5, 2015, 10:51 PM ]
The 2nd NeedsArch (NA) "Kabuki Face Pack by Isshin-do Honpo" has been done on November 29th Saturday 2014 at Studio PETU in Harajuku. The interview content of this time’s NA was Japanese Kabuki face mask's testing. The products were developed by Isshin-do and sold at Kabuki-za and Narita and Haneda International Airport. This product is popular among foreign people as souvenir of travel in Japan!

Japanese company (client) : 一心堂本舗 (Isshin-do Honpo)
NeedsArch Product Testers :  2 Americans and 1 Canadian  

The purpose of interview was to find out various views about following things;

Is the “Kabuki face mask” accepted in North America?

Face masks are used as a dairy skin care item in Japan, however, what do people in North America do for their dairy skin care?

What do people in North America do as special skin care?

ICT asked three interviewees about above three things by various questions. The interviewees tested the “Kabuki face mask” and they gave us frank feedback and impressions. The interviewees seemed to enjoy this NA project so much!





ICT will keep developing and improving this project more and more!

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NeedsArch Manager,
Yoko Taniguchi