What is NeedsArch? ~ Japanese brands want your ideas ~

◆ Support the international recognition of Japanese wares
Providing foreigners special opportunities to take part in experiencing Japanese products before they hit the market

The International Center in Tokyo (ICT) organizes "NeedsArch" which is a research firm which lets foreign nationals in Tokyo try out Japanese products and services before they hit the market – all free of charge! We offer the unique experience of “product monitoring” to people of all nationalities, backgrounds and ages.

There are many creative and attractive products in Japan based in Japanese culture, materials, and technology. However due to lack of appropriate marketing strategy, sales promotion and language problem, many of them still remains unrecognized.

“NeedsArch” aims to support the marketing analysis or sales promotion of these unrecognized “diamond in the rough” and provide Non-Japanese people (tourists and residents) with opportunities to take part in testing of Japanese products such as sweets, crackers, clothing (Including “Kimono”) and pottery and porcelain (“Toujiki”) etc.

Our product testing is not just interviewing after eating but includes the real experience such as field research like company visit or hands-on activities such as textile dyeing etc.

It will be a great opportunity to experience the more "unseen" part of Japan and give your honest impression or ideas to make the “diamond in the rough” into a real diamond!! It must be an unforgettable memory with friendly ICT members!!!

   For Company  (企業様向け)
    Product Testers WANTED! (Non-Japanese members)

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NeedsArch 6
[April 16-17th, 2016]

NeedsArch 6: Kanazawa Pre-Monitor Tour

NeedsArch 5
[January 30th, 2016]

NeedsArch 4
[October 17th, 2015]


NeedsArch 3 
    [February 28th, 2015]

NeedsArch 2
[November 29th, 2014] 

NeedsArch 1
[October 24th, 2014]