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posted Feb 25, 2016, 3:24 AM by INFO ICT   [ updated Mar 2, 2016, 8:38 PM ]

テレビ東京『ガイアの夜明け』(2/23放送) で放送された、太洋塗料株式会社様の番組の中で、ICTのNeedsArchが取り上げられました!



ICT went on TV ("Gaiya no Yoake", broadcast by TV Tokyo, February 23, 2016) thanks to Taiyo Toryo Co., Ltd!

We are pleased to announce you that the overseas expansion of Masking color was aired on TV. Mrs. Mako Kamiyama, technical director has continued her big efforts in order to reach her goal expanding Masking Color to global markets especially Paris this February. ICT is very honored to be able to work with you, holding a product testing workshop and interview for developing new neon colors. And thank you for receiving wonderful opportunity for us. We hope we will work together again.

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- NeedsArch (Masking Color Workshop):
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