How to Join ICT

Members, Volunteers and Supporters WANTED!

We are now accepting new members, volunteers and supporters!


Become a Member and Join The International Center in Tokyo (ICT) Family!


Any individual willing to meet new people from various countries, and learn English through cross-cultural communication.


(a) Advanced English speakers (both Japanese and Non-Japanese) who are happy to join our Events, Activities and ICT Classes to meet and communicate with our members.


(b) Anyone (Advanced English speaker preferable) who agree with our mission and is able to help manage our activities as one of our staffs.

To register for ICT MEMBERS, go to : REGISTER HERE!

We hope you'll join us!


Is there any specialty to share with us?
Let us know about yourself and we’ll contact you with future volunteering options.
  • Organizer Team - to set up/organize classes and manage all ICT services
  • Event Team - to plan original events, activities, and workshops
  • Presentator Team - to give a presentation who introduce your hometown or hold workshops
  • Translation Team - to translate English/Japanese into Japanese/English
  • Web design Team - to update class/activity report and announce upcoming events
  • NeedsArch Team - to interview to Non-Japanese monitors in English, support research projects

To register for ICT VOLUNTEERS, go to : REGISTER HERE!

Let us know what skills you have, and how you can contribute our activities.




Any individual or corporation willing to financially help our activities.
ICT highly appreciates any support and donations to become a registered General Incorporated Association*.

*To become and registered General Incorporated Association, we must have at least 2,3 members in our General Incorporated Association with their names and addresses, and enough budget for our continuous and various activities.
ICT is a non-profit community which could not operate if it were not for the kindness and generosity of our volunteers and your donations.  Please donate us for keep having classes and activities.  All donation go directly towards the funds for buying a projector and expences (printing, snacks, and rental space).
We also plan to use donated funds on 3 objectives:


·    Raising awareness - to make your life richer through cross-cultural experiences, which you find new discoveries and new ways of thinking/looking at things.

·    Providing a "Home" for Everyone - to spread many attractive aspects of Japan to the world

·    Offering events, activities and English Discussion Classes – we hope to give an opportunity for ICT members to have great experiences in their life in Tokyo!

We thank you in advance for any amount you could donate to
Please contact us at for more information!