Class Lineup

 Ongoing Classes:                                                                                     
We are holding English-discussion session every week in Tokyo.

ICT is an open English/Japanese-speaking community, where we are dedicated to internationalize Tokyo offering original activities and regular classes!

Advanced English/Japanese classes that emphasize listening, speaking, and American/Japanese culture for all ICT members.

Please feel free to stop by anytime at weekday/weekend classes to shere your ideas with our members!
Check out the Class Report to see what we did in the past classes.
Location and topics change weekly at Allincco Office in Shibuya or Studio PETU 
in Harajuku.
Please check the Upcoming Class info!

  Talking about people
We talk about what stereotypes we have of specific ethnic groups like Japanese or Americans, and find out which one of them is true or not, based on our experiences in traveling abroad or encountering someone from different culture in our daily lives.

  Talking about cartoon book

Cartoon books are perfect conversation-starters. They are simple and reader-friendly but often send us profound messages, just like “The Far Side” by Gary Larson does.

In the class, we will go over one cartoon book and talk about its humor, English expressions, and each one’s take on it.


  Listening and discussion with News/Songs

Listen to English news or songs and discuss about any topics that catch your interest.


Easy-to-understand programs such as CNN Student News, Voice of America and TED will be the main materials.



  homework required
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 Talking about food  (potluck style)

What is your country’s traditional food during holidays?
Why is it so special to you?
We talk about wide variety of food-related topics.
After the discussion, it’s time to eat!
Please bring any food you want to share with the class. It could be whatever you cook or buy at a supermarket.
You are welcomed to share any ideas on it:
recipes, your feelings, or memorable experiences….
  Reading Children’s Literature
One story book will be picked up as a topic and you are required to read it before the class.
In the class, we discuss about its story, background and each one’s thoughts on it.


 homework required

   Writing Class
You are encouraged to write a short essay and bring it to the class.
We will discuss about the story, unique/effective expression we found in it, and techniques to make your story more impressive.
 homework required

   Learning real English with a drama
We pick up one drama, movie, comedy show or interview program as a homework and you are required to watch it in advance.
We will discuss about its story, funny phrases or trendy words you noticed,
and get ready to use them in your real life!


 homework required

    Getting in the know

If you’ve got any latest information about fashion, gourmet or beauty, this is the session to share your cutting-edge knowledge with the class.