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:::::: Activity Report: June 15th, 2014 ::::::

posted Jun 17, 2014, 4:51 AM by INFO ICT   [ updated Jun 17, 2014, 4:52 AM ]
FREE Noh Performance "Sessho-seki"­ (The Killing Stone) !!

June 15th (Sun), as ICT Free Event, we watched Free Noh Performance of  “Sessho-seki (
殺生石/ The Killing Stone)" at Umewaka Nogaku Kaikan. 21 of us including 9 Non-Japanese members joined, and enjoyed the performance for about 1.5 hour.


The story is about a spirit of Nine-tailed Fox haunting a big stone.

It has been killing people for years, and a high priest who was passing there had dialogue with it.

Finally, the spirit vanished given memorial service from the priest with law of Buddha. This performance conveyed the story in old Japanese with Noh performance.


Noh Walk, dance, chants, words… even for native Japanese, it was new and some movements required time to understand correctly. For some scenes, I felt it would be more enjoyable knowing the story background, but it was definitely a good opportunity as introduction to the world of “Noh”, more than just reading or watching videos.


After the performance, Aza (A member from Kyrgyzstan) told me that he knew the story of Nine-tailed Fox. According to him, it was appearing in Japanese manga of “Naruto” (Do you know Nine-tailed Fox story in your country?).


Thank you very much for joining the event and hope you enjoyed in anyways ;)

We look forward to enjoying Japanese culture together at next event!

(Posted by Takafumi Shikado)