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::::: Activity Report: October 6th, 2013 :::::

posted Oct 10, 2013, 3:42 AM by Tsubasa Kato   [ updated Oct 10, 2013, 3:50 AM ]
More than 10 of ICT members took part in this event. Though weather forecasts had predicted cloudy condition before, actually the blue sky made our tour more special. Departing from Motomachi-chukagai station, we walked into the China Town. We visited Chinese temples and stopped to take food and snacks like meat buns and bean paste buns.
Passing in front of the oldest protestant church in Japan and seeing old pictures of Yokohama port, we walked in the sea breeze of Yamashita Park, where is made from rubbles of buildings collapsed by the Great Kanto earthquake. We had enjoyed our own time for a while and seeing the great view of seaside just before our Seabass came to the pier. And also, it might have been a good idea that we transported to Red Brick Warehouse by the boat because almost all participants have never gotten on it even though they live near there.
Arriving at the Red Brick Warehouse, we took a look at the landscape including Landmark tower, a big ferris wheel and other tall buildings. The October festival was held at that time, so we had free time again and a lot of participants enjoyed German beer. Then we got a common topic which is the most favorite Japanese beer brand while we walked along the old railroad.
In the end, we went up to the Sky Garden to watch the spectacular sight from 69th floor. Going around the floor, we sat in a café and had something to drink. We had fun with chatting each other including a topic where we would like to go for the next time. Although time of breakup was late for one hour, it was lucky that a pretty night view awaited us.
As an organizer, I found it to be great that we chose Yokohama for the first time because there were so many attractions of food, drinks, architectures, landscapes, souvenirs, history and so on. And some participants might have got interested in places which we passed this time. It would be fun if we plan to visit Yokohama again via a different course soon.
(by Tomohoro Komuro)