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::::: Activity Report: August 3rd, 2013 :::::

posted Aug 6, 2013, 7:04 AM by Tsubasa Kato   [ updated Aug 6, 2013, 7:07 AM ]
"Onigiri Volunteer" at the Franciscan Chapel Center (Roppongi Kyokai)
ICT organizer Jojo joined the volunteer making rice balls (onigiris) for those people in need at the Franciscan Chapel Center (Roppongi Kyokai, 六本木教会). The Chapel Center has been providing free rice balls to the homeless and other unfortunate individuals every morning, 365 days since 1986.
5 volunteers got together for the activity, and we needed to complete our task making 300+
rice balls in 90 minutes! Japanese know how to make rice balls, but I learned 5 steps how to make them “efficiently”; take a scoop of rice from rice cookers for professional use, put it into the rice-cutter, press it, take one Japanese plum and push it into the middle of rice balls, and remove them from the rice-cutter. Meanwhile, some of our volunteers started packing and putting Nori (seaweed, 海苔) on it. Without teamwork, we couldn’t finish it! Our rice balls were delivered to the homeless hands by other volunteer staffs.
Many volunteers are active helping the less fortunate in many different ways, but the most important role the Chapel Center has played is to provide emotional support for all individuals living in Tokyo,
regardless of race, origin, religion or gender.
It is always a lot of fun for learning new things! Part of being a great volunteer is finding something that you enjoy doing.
Spending your time (not only donating money) for volunteer are having the opportunity to meet new people, making a difference in someone else’s life, and also expanding your horizons to new opportunities!




(posted by Tsubasa Kato)