Welcome to ICT!
The International Center in Tokyo (ICT)
is an international exchange association offering Events, Activities and English Discussion Classes in NY style for members who are diplomats, expatriates and their family living in Tokyo.

Founded by the Japanese women who have spent part of their lives in NY.
Our original fun activities are based on the minds/methods which founders acquired in their stimulating NY life and Japanese style hospitality, which is called "Omotenashi" in Japanese.
Our mission is to provide a “Home”, for our international friends in Tokyo and ICT members where everyone is welcome to share their experiences, knowledge, and expertise throughout our unique activities.

We hope that our activities could be of some help to further “internationalize” Tokyo, and to create the society which is rich in diversity and vitality while promoting cross-cultural experiences and mutual understanding between us.
Eventually, our continuous action will greatly contribute to the further expansion of a big fan of Japanese!!
We'd like to welcome you with our high energy NY style and Japanese “Omotenashi” hospitality.
ICT Founders



Tsubasa Kato (Jojo)

Founder and President

Class Manager, Director of Events, Workshop and Projects, Web designer


Tsubasa Kato (Jojo) is in charge of planning original ICT events and organizing all ICT services. She graduated from law and politics department of Keio University. She started her professional career at Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank in Japan until she moved to New York, where she took a variety of English Classes at ESL/College in NY for 2 years. After coming back to Tokyo, she founded The International Center in Tokyo (ICT) with a founder Akie Ueda in 2012 to provide a "Home" for all ICT members living in Tokyo throughout our unique activities in NY style.

Yoko Taniguchi

Vice Director of Events, Workshops, and Projects

Yoko Taniguchi is in charge of supporting the Founder of ICT, Tsubasa Kato (Jojo) for organizing events, workshops, and other projects. She graduated from the department of Law at Waseda University. She is now building her career in a Japanese consulting company as an assistant manager of International Department. Since she was a junior high school student, she has been curious about international exchange activities and learning languages. She is now helping Jojo to provide the participants with better and enjoyable memories through events of ICT.



More our organizers:


Mie Koga (Workshop/Event organizer)

Yuka Fujii (Workshop/Event organizer)

Haruna Yamamoto (Organizer/Japan tea instructor)

Nguyen Le Kim Anh (Workshop/Event Organizer)

Hoyeon Kim (Workshop/Event organizer)

Kevin Kee (Class Manager and Web designer)

Kristen Butts (NeedsArch Manager)