Noh workshop and lunch wearing Japanese Kimono!

Noh Theater Workshop and Lunch wearing Japanese Kimono!!

Have you ever seen someone wearing a kimono?
Let's have fun at a Noh workshop wearing kimono! We can also enjoy lunch together!

*RSVP accepted by only women

*Payment required in advance



   A workshop with Yoko Layer and visitors from around the world was recently featured on NHK.

◆ Date and RESERVE until 2 days before the day

   *Participation Fee: 5,000yen (includes Noh workshop, kimono rental, kimono assistance and bento box for lunch)

   *Payment in advance using the PayPal link above (credit card is okay) must be completed before 2 days before the day.

   *How to RSVP:
    Please email Mrs. Yoko Layer at with your name, country, No.of people and "RSVP from ICT" until 2 days before the day.

   *Check out the "Past Workshop Photos and Report" (2014)

    Noh theater classroom 3F at Umewaka Nohgaku Gakuin Kaikan
     Higashi Nakano 2-6-14, Nakano-ku, Tokyo (details below)

Allow me to introduce you to Noh as part of a tour at Umewaka Nohgaku-do, and those who attend will get an opportunity to experience dancing and chanting.

Led by certified Kanze-ryu shihan (instructor) Yoko Layer, these workshops, lectures, or classes will introduce participants to the History and conceptual aspects of Nohgaku by inviting them to explore Nohgaku’s stylized chant, movement. Participants will also be introduced to the spiritual roots of Nohgaku that has strong connections with the Shinto-ism that is deeply rooted in the Japanese people and traditions. Understanding this connection is similar to understanding the importance of Shakespeare to Western culture.

Let’s feel and experience the aesthetic world of Nohgaku together!!

You will have the chance to stand on the sacred Nohgaku stage and dance while using the stylized chant.

Time Schedule (on September 27th, 2016)

10:50am - Assemble in the Noh theater classroom on the 3rd floor of Umewaka Nogaku Gakuin Kaikan

11:00~11:30am - Dress in a Kimono  (Instructor will help you put on the kimono.)

11:30~11:45am - Observation tour of the Noh theater

11:45~12:00pm - Workshop - Step 1: Experience singing and chanting in the Noh theater classroom

12:00~12:30pm - Workshop - Step 2: Experience the traditional Noh walking style in the Noh theater classroom

12:30~12:45pm - Experience putting on a Noh theater mask

12:45~1:45pm - Japanese bento box lunch

1:45~2:00pm - Change clothes

2:00pm - Close

*The schedule may be changed.
*The workshop will be held in the Noh theater classroom at Umewaka Nogaku Gakuin Kaikan and on the mainstage of the theater.
*Photo is Okay!



伶以野 陽子 (レイヤーヨウコ Yoko Layer

五十六世梅若六郎師(現 梅若玄祥師)に師事、内弟子入門を経て、観世流シテ方師範免許取得 



初シテ 「羽 衣」

緑 耀 会 (ろくようかい)主宰
西新宿カルチャープラザ 講師


YOKO LAYER After graduating from high school in Japan, Yoko Layer modeled and acted for several magazines, television and theater companies. She later graduated from Tokyo Gakugei University and then began to study the Stanislavsky system from Russian director Leonid Anisimov. She has since performed with the Tokyo Novyi Repertory Company in Chekhov’s "The Cherry Orchard", "The Seagull" and Gorky’s "The Lower Depths".

In 2004, she began studying Noh as an apprentice on the professional track with the Umewaka Rokuro branch of the Kanze school. Later she began to spend time in Seattle with her husband Paul where they co-founded the Seattle Novyi Theatre Company and performed "The Seagull" and "Uncle Vanya" in repertory, and later "The Proposal" in the International Chekhov Festival in Tokyo. In 2007 she performed with Theatre Nohgaku in the chorus of "Crazy Jane" for TN’s Pacific Northwest tour. In 2010 she became a shihan (instructor) in the Kanze school of noh.

In 2012 she performed "Hagoromo"as a leading role the first time. Now she is performing in Noh theater, and she is teaching Noh theater to beginner students 
at culture centers and in private classes.

Items to Bring for the attendees of the lecture

   Japanese socks (tabi) or white socks

  The participants who bring Japanese socks (tabi) can go up Noh stage!!
  If you don't have tabi, please inform us of your foot size in centimeters.


◆ Capacity : Max to 10 participants (RSVP accepted by only women)


 Noh theater classroom 3F Umewaka Nogaku Gakuin Kaikan

   梅若能楽学院会館(楽屋敷き舞台教室 3階)

   How to access: Video | Photo (Japanese) 

 Address: 2-6-14, Higashinakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo

 Access: 8-minute walk from Higashi-Nakano station

  (JR/Oedo Line), or 8-minute walk from A2, 2    

 Nakano-Sakaue satation (Oedo/Marunouchi Line)

 Tel: 03-3363-7748 (Japanese Only)

How to get to Umewaka Nogaku Gakuin Kaikan 梅若能楽学院会館 | Video | Photo (Japanese) 

The Directions are as follows;

From 西口 (West Exit), Higashi-Nakano station, JR Line
From A3 Exit, Higashi-Nakano station, Oedo Line 

Go straight on 山手通り Yamanote street (walk on the right side), passing Familymart, Seven-
Eleven...and keep walking near LION building. Turn right at the corner of 佐川急便 Sagawa Express (also see a coin parking) after passing Mexican restaurant. It takes for 8-10 minutes from the station. 

From A2 or 2 Exit, Nakano-Sakaue station, Marunouichi Line or Oedo Line

Turn left after coming out of Exit 2 on the ground, you will see the Nakano sakaue intersection, and head for Seven Eleven. Go straight on 山手通り Yamanote street (walk on the left side), pass 区民センター Kumin center and walk across 宮下 Miyashita intersection. Pass the first roads and then turn left at the corner of 佐川急便 Sagawa Express (also see a coin parking). It takes for 8-10 minutes from the station.