Noh Workshop and Performance at National Noh Theatre

Let's enjoy Noh: Noh Workshop & Performance at National Noh Theatre

  • The National Noh Theatre will hold a program  "Let's enjoy Noh".
  • This program contains a wokshop in English (September 15 6:00-8:00p.m.) and a performance appreciation (September 16 starts at 6.30p.m.).
  • The participation fee is 3,200 yen (includes admission to the performance). If you are a student, the participation fee is 2,200 yen!

国立能楽堂主催の外国人のためのワークショップ(2016/6/24)で講師をした様子が、NHK WORLD で取り上げられました!
   A workshop (June 24, 2016) with Mrs. Yoko Layer and visitors from around the world was recently featured on NHK.

★ Pictures of "Noh Workshop for foreigners" we held on May 14, 2016

Noh Workshop + Performance Appreciation (See more details below)!

What is "Noh"?

◆ Participation Fee: 3,200 yen (includes Noh workshop and performance) *student discount 2,200 yen

◆ Payment: at the door (in cash), you will receive a ticket for admission to the performance at the workshop.

◆ How to sign up (RSVP by Friday, September 9)

Please email Mrs. Yoko Layer at with your name, Email address, phone number, nationality, general or student, No. of people and RSVP from ICT by Friday, September 9.

*Copy and Paste the form below

・Email Address
・Phone Number (can be reached on daytime) 
・General or Student
・No. of people

or Call Noh Theatre directly at 03-5413-7483 (English and Japanese available from 10AM to 5PM in weekdays)

◆ Venue

National Noh Theatre (国立能楽堂)|MAP (Japanese)

Address: 4-18-1, Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


伶以野 陽子 (レイヤーヨウコ Yoko Layer

五十六世梅若六郎師(現 梅若玄祥師)に師事、内弟子入門を経て、観世流シテ方師範免許取得 



初シテ 「羽 衣」

緑 耀 会 (ろくようかい)主宰
西新宿カルチャープラザ 講師


YOKO LAYER After graduating from high school in Japan, Yoko Layer modeled and acted for several magazines, television and theater companies. She later graduated from Tokyo Gakugei University and then began to study the Stanislavsky system from Russian director Leonid Anisimov. She has since performed with the Tokyo Novyi Repertory Company in Chekhov’s "The Cherry Orchard", "The Seagull" and Gorky’s "The Lower Depths".

In 2004, she began studying Noh as an apprentice on the professional track with the Umewaka Rokuro branch of the Kanze school. Later she began to spend time in Seattle with her husband Paul where they co-founded the Seattle Novyi Theatre Company and performed "The Seagull" and "Uncle Vanya" in repertory, and later "The Proposal" in the International Chekhov Festival in Tokyo. In 2007 she performed with Theatre Nohgaku in the chorus of "Crazy Jane" for TN’s Pacific Northwest tour. In 2010 she became a shihan (instructor) in the Kanze school of noh.

In 2012 she performed "Hagoromo"as a leading role the first time. Now she is performing in Noh theater, and she is teaching Noh theater to beginner students 
at culture centers and in private classes.

ICTのお能ワークショップ等でご活躍頂いている伶以野 陽­子さんが戦後70年の慰霊祭に慰霊の舞である舞囃子「海人」(笛一管による)と香川ゆかりの仕­舞「八島」「玉之段」を遺族の孫として奉納舞をされました!