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Find your “hometown” winery! Fukagawa winery Tour

posted Dec 13, 2016, 6:29 PM by Tsubasa Kato   [ updated Dec 13, 2016, 7:01 PM ]
::::: Event Report on December 10th, 2016 :::::


It was so beautiful Saturday afternoon, We hold the Fukagawa winery tour in Monzennakacho. 7 various participants from China, Taiwan, Canada, U.S., Japan met up in the Fukagawa winery which opened since June, 2016.


The shutter has closed everyday, however they’ve been open every day.



1. 自己紹介
2. ワイナリー見学
3. 4種のワインの飲み比べ
4. フンガーフードとワインのマリアージュ
5. プチギフトのプレゼント

Today’s program.
1. Introduction
2. Winery tour
3. Tasting 4type of wine
4. Enjoy 1 glass wine and special finger food
5. Special gift for participants


As we gathered together, we went to the winery tour in the shutter. Mr.Ueno who is the real winemaker, has experienced for 18years, explained how to make wine in detailed. At first, he looks seriously a little because of TV crews joined us and had the interview with them.



They have gathered kinds of grape for wine from all over Japan, Yamagata Pref, Nagano Pref, Yamagata Pref and so on. The grapes were crushed by hand with this machine.


These days they’ve started to look for wine in the south earth area, for example, Australia and New Zealand. So they can make wine through all year around after Japanese wine making in the Autumn. It’s very unique feature of city style winery.



As for red wine, after putting yeast in and taking 2weeks, fermentation has been beginning. They transfer it to tanks. Mr.Ueno has been everyday checking and managing the temperature and the taste to suite on their Japanese cuisine dishes.


ひとつひとつのタンクには、ブドウの産地、銘柄が記されています。こちらは「青森 五所川原」から届いたスチューベンで作られているワインです。

In each tank, the production area of grapes, brands are marked. This is a tank of wine made with Steuben arrived from “Aomori Goshogawara”.


There are some wine to ferment slowly in a wooden barrel. By putting it in a wooden barrel, wood tannins and a mellow and smoky scent, called “vanilla” or “nuts”, are transferred to the wine.






After watching the process of wine-made, we could not wait and enjoy marriage of wine tasting and finger food. The Chef, Mr.Moriya who had been working at the famous Sushi restaurant in Ginza, served dishes.He develops new dishes mixed Japanese taste for 九吾郎 (Kyugoro) wine table and deliver dishes to this winery every day.


・Smoked chicken ham and egg
・Pickles with sushi vinegar
・Miso pickled cheese
・Potato salad with wasabi flavor
・Seaweed salad
・Mushroom marinade
・Original rustic putty
・Fukagawa raisin(with creme cheese, clams)
・Stewed pork (Kakuni)
・Finger sushi (Temari-sushi)

*menu varies depending on the day


オーナー中本さんは、中国で創業されていた経験もあって、中国語がペラペラ。参加者とも中国語で会話が盛り上がるシーンもありました。そして、中本さんが常々おっしゃっている、深川ワイナリーを通じて実現したいこと ”ワインを飲む人の日常やちょっと特別な日を彩るコトづくりのワイン” “体験できる、生産者の顔が見えるワイナリーづくり”などのお話に聞きいります。

The owner, Mr.Nakamoto has experienced in foundation in China, he is very fluent in Chinese and chatting with participant in Chinese, too. He also introduced why he started the winery here in Monzennakacho “Fukagwa area” and the concept of this winery.

<Concept of Fukagawa winery>
・The dairy wine for neighborhood’s dairy happiness
・Coming and tasting easily and freely with neighbors
・The special wine for neighbors’ life events
・Visualization of “Farm to Table”
・Never ending to improve with neighbors



Everyone is completely informed and has a relaxed atmosphere. It became a fun Fukagawa winery tour with speaking in Japanese, English and Chinese mixed. Thank you very much!!!



Extra edition

After that we went to Fukagawa walk. While viewing the waterway, I introduce the history and history of Fukagawa area.


First of all, We visited Fukagawa fudoson temple to see “Goma fired” which is burning small pieces of wood on the altar to invoke divine help. Inside the temple premises and the inside of the hall, foreigners as well as Japanese were also excited.



We found a hot wine store opening when the temperature has also cooled down. It would be warmed with spicy hot wine served by the chef from France.



The last spot is Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine. We raised a gorgeous shamisen and surprised with the big wrestler poles, we had really enjoyed the atmosphere of the downtown.


Organized by TreckTreck