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Past Reports in 2017, 2018


Past Reports in 2016

Jan 11~17 2016: "Japan Brand Festival 2016"

December 2nd 2016: Chichibu Night Festival


Past Reports in 2015

NeedsArch/ICT Anniversary Party 2018

posted Oct 8, 2018, 7:20 PM by INFO ICT   [ updated Oct 8, 2018, 8:10 PM ]

::::: Event Report on October 6th, 2018 :::::

Thank you so much for joining "NeedsArch/ICT Anniversary Party 2018" on October 6th, 2018!

We were so happy that we celebrated the memorial time (NeedsArch 2nd anniv. /ICT 6th anniv.) together!!

We would like to express our gratitude to all the ICT/NeedsArch members and supporting companies who so generously helped us to make the party happen.

Many thanks to wonderful ICT/NeedsArch members! After 2 years have passed, we have many opportunities as much as 20+ research events and testing projects since we have established NeedsArch Inc. However, ICT/NeedsArch is a platform open for everyone and even though we set up a new company “NeedsArch Inc.”, this spirit would not change. ICT and NeedsArch will continue to grow with our members, partner companies, and new staff who have always supported us.

Therefore, we would like to kindly ask for your continued support and involvement in ICT/NeedsArch events and activities.

Again, big big thank you to all of you and see you very soon at the upcoming events!












ICT 5th Anniversary Celebration and NeedsArch Inc. Kick-off Party 2017

posted Jun 5, 2017, 8:23 AM by INFO ICT   [ updated Jun 9, 2017, 4:27 AM by Tsubasa Kato ]

::::: Event Report on June 3rd, 2017 :::::

A big success in "ICT 5th Anniversary Celebration and NeedsArch Inc. Kick-off Party 2017" on June 3rd!

We were so happy that we celebrated the memorial time together!!

THANK YOU so much to all of you who joined our kick off party! Many thanks to 60+ wonderful ICT members and Japanese cultural experience booths (Ikebana, Mizuhiki, Wagashi and Nigaoe)! And also special thanks to partner companies (KAMEDA SEIKA CO., LTD., TAKENOBU, CREA voyage, TAIYO TORYO Co., Ltd, Isshin-do Honpo Inc. Yosano Brewery, Ganbaruken Popcorns, LIVES Inc., TreckTreck, Walarge, Cool Japan Souvenir Society (CJSS), Stylish Japan, Shonan Flower Co-ordinate (SFC)) and a fantastic Noh dance performer Mrs.Yoko Layer for an exciting and memorable day!

ICT is a platform open for everyone and even though we established a new company “NeedsArch Inc.”, this spirit would not change. ICT and NeedsArch will continue to grow with our members, partner companies which means all of you here!!

Therefore, we would like to kindly ask for your continued support and involvement in ICT/NeedsArch events and activities.

Again, big big thank you to all of you and see you very soon at the upcoming events!



















Tokyo Kimono Tour vol.2 -Asakusa-

posted Mar 12, 2017, 6:37 PM by Tsubasa Kato   [ updated Jun 9, 2017, 4:20 AM ]

::::: Event Report on March 11th, 2017 :::::

Under a clear sky, 3 beautiful Kimono ladies from 3 different countries (USA, UK and China) joined Tokyo Kimono Tour vol.2 -Asakusa-. Perfect weather, amazing photo shooting and wonderful smiles!!! We hope each and every one of you enjoyed the tour wearing Japanese Kimono, making washi paper container, and tasting salt baked yam!

Many thanks to Cristina (Junko san) for arranging the tour with all preparations and giving us a super amazing opportunity, photo shooting! A big thank-you to Mia (Miharu san) for all your help to make the event fun and run smoothly. We also thank all the guests who participated for making the event more enjoyable!

Looking forward to the next outdoor event!















Ukiyoe workshop with printing master

posted Dec 22, 2016, 1:41 AM by Tsubasa Kato   [ updated Dec 22, 2016, 1:53 AM ]

::::: Event Report on December 18th, 2016 :::::


Yoshida Studio located in a quiet residential area of Setagaya, Tokyo. Actually, this is the studio of an artist family including Hiroshi Yoshida, as known as a worldwide famous Western painter and printmaker,  and his son Toshi Yoshida.

今日の講師 沼辺新吉さんは浮世絵木版画の修行をした後、吉田遠志氏に師事し、伝統的な木版画から現代木版画までを担う、国内でも数少ない摺師として活躍されています。

Today, we learn from Mr.Shinkichi Numabe who is the Japanese certificated Ukiyoe printing artisan and experienced for 40 years. He had studied with Mr. Toshiji Yoshida.

He can print traditional woodblock prints to modern woodblock prints, and is one of the few Artisan of woodblock printing in Japan.

そして、今回はさらにスペシャル講師として、一橋大学や法政大学で伝統工芸を通じた日本理解の講師を務める、レイさんこと Mr.Ray Nault がサポートに入ります。レイさんは6年前から沼辺氏に師事し、伝統的木版画の技法の習得に励んでいます。

And on this time, as a special lecturer, Mr. Ray Nault who is the lecturer of Japanese culture understanding through traditional crafts at Hitotsubashi University and Hosei University, comes into support.

Mr.Ray Nault has studied woodblock print under Mr. Numazuma for six years, and has been striving to acquire the technique of traditional woodcut prints.



UKIYOE (literally “pictures of the floating world”) is the name given to paintings and woodblock printings primarily depicting the transitory world of the Yoshiwara—the licensed pleasure quarter  (red-light district) and the center of social life in the city of Edo (Tokyo) during 17-19Century in Japan. Originally, “UKIYO” was a Buddhist term to express the impermanence of human life. During the Edo period, however, “UKIYO” came to refer to the sensual and hedonistic pleasures of people, who embraced them all the more for their ever-changing nature.

今回の題材は古典浮世絵のなかでも有名な葛飾北斎の「冨嶽三十六景 神奈川沖浪裏」いまでいう木更津沖を通り、房総半島から江戸に物資を運んでいた船を描いています。大きな波のうねりと遠くに臨む富士山が印象的な一枚です。船の乗員もなすすべなく、縁にしがみつき、無事を祈っているようです。この細やかな色味をズレ、被り、滲みなく、幾度も版を重ねていく技量が求められます。(ワークショップで用いる版はすでに数度の摺りを終えたものです)

This day’s work is the famous UKIYOE motif,  “Under a Great Wave off the Coast at Kanazawa” (Kanagawa oki namiura)by Katsushika Hokusai, from the series Thirty Six Views of Mount Fuji (Fugaku Sanjurokkei), 1830-1832.

more detailed → https://goo.gl/JLNmY8


In order to express the material feeling, presence of each object, there are some expression technic of woodcut prints, Goma-Zuri (gives a sense of material roughness),Tsubushi-Zuri (bring out a sense of transparency and space)
Bokashi-Zuri (giving perspective, shading).



Let’s try woodblock printings!
At first put water glue on the woodblock, add coloring, evenly applying ink on it with a brush.


The brush has different lengths of bristles at the back and front, and we need to use properly. Artisan can distinguish from the sound of brushing whether paint penetrates into the woodblock or not yet.



After painting it on, the speed is very important. Before the paint dries, you need to put a washi paper so that the plate does not slip, and have to finish printing.



Participants finished rehearsal and it is time for them to enter the production.

The Washi (Japanese papers) are sandwiched between newspapers containing moist. Additionally, it is placed a wet cloth on top to prevent drying. By making the Washi (Japanese paper) moist, it makes it easier to transfer colors from woodblock prints to Washi(Japanese paper).


All the participants were surprised that strength is required more than expected. By forcefully rubbing thin paint into Washi (Japanese paper), you can vividly express the intensity of blurred color gradation.



Seeing model of Mr.Numabe, leaking the voice of admiration from participants.



It seems that participants also gradually get used to.


Finally, everyone was able to successfully get a completed version!



We’re surprised again at that precise pattern deviation.



After experiencing, we had tea with chatting over various works of contemporary prints and classic prints.


Especially impressive story was that the technique and completion as a work of art of woodcut prints was at its height in Meiji and the Taisho period (19 Century).

Since it was intended for mass production in the Edo period, easier method was used to sharpen the color sharply separately.(top photo) However, it is a technique to make the color of the boundary a gradation with transparency, which is recognized as having a higher value as a work. (Bottom photo)


In recent years, there are few printing Artisans who can use this “blurring” technique in Japan as well.



Japanese people also hardly know these technique of fine wood block printing technics.

Although Hokusai and Hiroshige, etc. who has attracted people as the worlds painter of woodblock printing Artisan, in fact, the works haven’t been completed without sculptor Artisan and printing Artisan. They’re hidden Artisans.

Let’s join and experience these “hidden Artisans technics” and get your own master piece made with us!

Japanese Tea Workshop in Yokohama

posted Dec 19, 2016, 5:01 PM by Tsubasa Kato   [ updated Dec 19, 2016, 5:01 PM ]

::::: Event Report on December 18th, 2016 :::::

Japanese Tea Workshop was held on December 18th 2016 at the cozy living room of a sharehouse in Yokohama. After learning about the basic of Japanese tea, each participant brewed Sencha with the just learned brewing method. Then we enjoyed the conversation with the tea and various sweets!


Find your “hometown” winery! Fukagawa winery Tour

posted Dec 13, 2016, 6:29 PM by Tsubasa Kato   [ updated Dec 13, 2016, 7:01 PM ]

::::: Event Report on December 10th, 2016 :::::


It was so beautiful Saturday afternoon, We hold the Fukagawa winery tour in Monzennakacho. 7 various participants from China, Taiwan, Canada, U.S., Japan met up in the Fukagawa winery which opened since June, 2016.


The shutter has closed everyday, however they’ve been open every day.



1. 自己紹介
2. ワイナリー見学
3. 4種のワインの飲み比べ
4. フンガーフードとワインのマリアージュ
5. プチギフトのプレゼント

Today’s program.
1. Introduction
2. Winery tour
3. Tasting 4type of wine
4. Enjoy 1 glass wine and special finger food
5. Special gift for participants


As we gathered together, we went to the winery tour in the shutter. Mr.Ueno who is the real winemaker, has experienced for 18years, explained how to make wine in detailed. At first, he looks seriously a little because of TV crews joined us and had the interview with them.



They have gathered kinds of grape for wine from all over Japan, Yamagata Pref, Nagano Pref, Yamagata Pref and so on. The grapes were crushed by hand with this machine.


These days they’ve started to look for wine in the south earth area, for example, Australia and New Zealand. So they can make wine through all year around after Japanese wine making in the Autumn. It’s very unique feature of city style winery.



As for red wine, after putting yeast in and taking 2weeks, fermentation has been beginning. They transfer it to tanks. Mr.Ueno has been everyday checking and managing the temperature and the taste to suite on their Japanese cuisine dishes.


ひとつひとつのタンクには、ブドウの産地、銘柄が記されています。こちらは「青森 五所川原」から届いたスチューベンで作られているワインです。

In each tank, the production area of grapes, brands are marked. This is a tank of wine made with Steuben arrived from “Aomori Goshogawara”.


There are some wine to ferment slowly in a wooden barrel. By putting it in a wooden barrel, wood tannins and a mellow and smoky scent, called “vanilla” or “nuts”, are transferred to the wine.






After watching the process of wine-made, we could not wait and enjoy marriage of wine tasting and finger food. The Chef, Mr.Moriya who had been working at the famous Sushi restaurant in Ginza, served dishes.He develops new dishes mixed Japanese taste for 九吾郎 (Kyugoro) wine table and deliver dishes to this winery every day.


・Smoked chicken ham and egg
・Pickles with sushi vinegar
・Miso pickled cheese
・Potato salad with wasabi flavor
・Seaweed salad
・Mushroom marinade
・Original rustic putty
・Fukagawa raisin(with creme cheese, clams)
・Stewed pork (Kakuni)
・Finger sushi (Temari-sushi)

*menu varies depending on the day


オーナー中本さんは、中国で創業されていた経験もあって、中国語がペラペラ。参加者とも中国語で会話が盛り上がるシーンもありました。そして、中本さんが常々おっしゃっている、深川ワイナリーを通じて実現したいこと ”ワインを飲む人の日常やちょっと特別な日を彩るコトづくりのワイン” “体験できる、生産者の顔が見えるワイナリーづくり”などのお話に聞きいります。

The owner, Mr.Nakamoto has experienced in foundation in China, he is very fluent in Chinese and chatting with participant in Chinese, too. He also introduced why he started the winery here in Monzennakacho “Fukagwa area” and the concept of this winery.

<Concept of Fukagawa winery>
・The dairy wine for neighborhood’s dairy happiness
・Coming and tasting easily and freely with neighbors
・The special wine for neighbors’ life events
・Visualization of “Farm to Table”
・Never ending to improve with neighbors



Everyone is completely informed and has a relaxed atmosphere. It became a fun Fukagawa winery tour with speaking in Japanese, English and Chinese mixed. Thank you very much!!!



Extra edition

After that we went to Fukagawa walk. While viewing the waterway, I introduce the history and history of Fukagawa area.


First of all, We visited Fukagawa fudoson temple to see “Goma fired” which is burning small pieces of wood on the altar to invoke divine help. Inside the temple premises and the inside of the hall, foreigners as well as Japanese were also excited.



We found a hot wine store opening when the temperature has also cooled down. It would be warmed with spicy hot wine served by the chef from France.



The last spot is Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine. We raised a gorgeous shamisen and surprised with the big wrestler poles, we had really enjoyed the atmosphere of the downtown.


Organized by TreckTreck

美濃屋 Minoya TOFU factory tour - tasting fresh TOFU and soy milk -

posted Dec 7, 2016, 6:32 PM by Tsubasa Kato   [ updated Dec 7, 2016, 6:43 PM ]

::::: Event Report on November 26th, 2016 :::::

Gathering at the small Tofu shop in the early morning of sunny Saturday for 美濃屋 Minoya TOFU factory tour.
美濃屋 MINOYA is the local TOFU factory in Morishita since 1910’s, very popular among neighbors, Sumo wrestlers and local restaurant.
Their TOFU is made by traditional methods with steel castings by Takahashi family - father and daughter -.

They showed how to make Tofu in their factory and explained the difference between Momen-Tofu and Kinugoshi-Tofu, the way they did find the beans from all over Japan.
We enjoyed tasting fresh TOFU and soy milk.
We also introduced how we cook Tofu as usual dishes on the dairy table.
It was heartwarming experience to see the small Tofu factory in the old residential districts of Tokyo!

Organized by TreckTreck





Chichibu Night Festival

posted Dec 6, 2016, 5:26 PM by Tsubasa Kato   [ updated Dec 6, 2016, 5:28 PM ]

::::: Event Report on December 2nd, 2016 :::::
The Chichibu Night Festival is one of the top three float festivals in Japan, was held on December 2 (Vigil) & 3 (Main Festival) / Chichibu Shrine area, Chichibu-shi, Saitama.

The dashi were incredible! Very beautiful and impressive, especially when passing each other in the street.
They nearly bump into each other, but pass by precariously. One of the two times, one of the met on the roof of the dashi was pushing the lamp post with his feet so that the dashi would not damage the lamp!
It is so high, too! The roof is as high as the 2nd-storey roof of the houses and stores on the street.
It is probably about 7 or 8 meters high!










Enjoy what’s in season in Saitama ~ Satoimo Tour!!

posted Nov 24, 2016, 4:03 PM by Tsubasa Kato   [ updated Nov 24, 2016, 4:10 PM ]

::::: Event Report on November 19th, 2016 :::::

Last Saturday on Nov 19, “Enjoy what’s in season in Saitama -Satoimo Tour-“ was held without any trouble! We were so happy to have the event without cancelling….because the weather forecast one day before saying “hard rain”, but it turned out it was just cloudy after a little rain! 

After taking a walk in the vegetable farm in Sayama, we started harvesting Satoimo and other vegetables. One elementary school girl was very good at digging Satoimo, she harvested many big ones!

Then we enjoyed special dishes using Satoimo cooked by a local café. All the dishes were delicious, deep fried mashed Satoimo, seasoned rice with Satoimo, etc, etc…. and a big surprise was the Satoimo ice cream! It was the first time to taste the ice cream made from Satoimo for most of the participants!




Cultural Experience 04: Indonesian Culture Tea Party

posted Oct 25, 2016, 3:16 AM by Tsubasa Kato   [ updated Oct 26, 2016, 6:10 AM ]

::::: Event Report on October 22nd, 2016 :::::

On October 22, ICT’s cultural event, Indonesian Culture Tea Party was held in CLUB PETU in Harajuku.

The first presenter of the event was Ms. Neni, a cooking & tea expert. She cooked and brought various Indonesian traditional snacks such as shrimp crackers, nut crackers, coconut dumplings, Dutch style macaroni gratin, and chicken rice sticks. After she introduced about Indonesian cultures, participants enjoyed those snacks with Indonesian Jasmine tea and white tea. We learned there are so many interesting cultures in Indonesia – for example, each motif and color of Batik (Indonesian traditional dyed fabric using wax painting) has a meaning, and the motif on Ms. Neni’s shirt was allowed for only royal families to wear long time ago.

After the tea time, Hiro, who has been working in a movie industry for long time, talked about Indonesian movies, especially about the very popular movie in Indonesia, “Rainbow Troops”. The story is about the 10 students in a poor elementary school. Also he gave us the information of the movie festival in Tokyo that will start soon, because the festival features Indonesian movies this year.

Then the last presentation was a traditional dance – by Ms. Asri. She performed a traditional dance in Betawi (Old name of Jakarta), that is usually performed in a wedding. We were all fascinated by the energetic dance with a beautiful costume!

Before finishing the party, everyone got a little souvenir from Indonesia. We thank the presenters for sharing the interesting Indonesian cultures and all the participants for coming to this event. We hope everyone enjoyed the time there!

Finally, thank you very much Haruna san for holding the event including all preparation for the day, and we would also like to appreciate Neni san (making all Indonesian food), Mr. Yoshinaga (presenter), and Ms. Irsa Agi (dance performer) for making the event more enjoyable! It must have been good experience, to touch the deep world of Indonesia.

If you are interested in joining another Cultural Experience, we have more events coming.

Please make sure to check our ICT page!











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